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Business Growth

Develop and implement growth opportunities creating Long Term Value ​for your business and your customers

Media Tools

Learn about Digital video production & creative storytelling to attract and engage your audience and get results that matter.

Artistic Expression


Incorporating imagination, visual art such as graphics, photos and video along with and music and speech to reach and hold your audience.

Educational Tools

 A variety of tools can be used in the classroom to support student learning, blending traditional and high-tech methods.



By Promoting the social, emotional, physical, academic and occupational growth of youth we strengthen the very core of our society.



Faith is not just to hold onto in tough times; faith is a foundational element to all human life on earth. Whether it is subtle or obvious, adding a  spiritual element adds reach and impact


How to stand up for and influence a government that supports and empowers your values and world-view

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David Yarnes represents a unique voice in business today. He has been a serial entrepreneur for the last 30 years, starting or owning businesses such as award-winning hotels and restaurants, a nationally chartered bank, and a performing arts center. His range of experience and depth of knowledge is in high demand as an executive coach, consultant, and keynote speaker. Dave’s humor, candor, and spiritual insight paints a picture of business that is not often seen. Dave has been a private investor whose diversified portfolio has held ownership, equity or management concerns while developing and funding ventures in a vast range of fields. His philanthropic pursuits carry as much diversity as his working career which include developing micro-financing and emerging world initiatives for housing, education, health care, and poverty relief efforts in India, Africa and South America. Dave continues to make personal investments in emerging foreign companies that have a humanitarian thrust. Currently, Dave is based in Fort Mill, South Carolina while he maintains active enterprises and initiatives worldwide.
Dr. Barbie Breathitt Is an Advisor to Destiny Arising and we are happy to have her in this Symposium 
She is a certified prophetic dream life coach, an author, ordained minister, dedicated educator, and respected teacher of the divine supernatural manifestations of God.
She is a recognized leader in dream interpretation, with healing, deliverance, signs, wonders, and miracles following. 

Unique revelation. Unique encounters. Unique ministry.

We are living in unique times and God is revealing Himself in unique ways. Understanding how to interpret and apply God’s messages in encounters, dreams and visions requires a unique approach.

Dr. Theresa Phillips is Founder and CEO of Destiny Arising,  an International Speaker, Author, Recording Artist, and Business Owner. She is the founder of Global Prophetic Voice, an international Media ministry producing weekly broadcasts, online schools, and conference events. She has over 30 years of experience as a minister and serves as a Sr. Pastor in the Chicago area. She is also the creator and developer of the Redeem and Renew Skin Solutions line of premium makeup and skincare products.
Dr. Theresa is an educator and promoter of Kingdom principles, having written 24 books  and has released many into positions of leadership in the “Seven Mountain” spheres of influence. Her passion is to help women from all backgrounds develop their own destinies in all spheres of influence
Joy VanPatten is Vice President of Destiny Arising. She is a Dynamic Management Consultant, Pastor, and Worship Leader who is passionate about unleashing untapped potential in organizations, leadership, teams, and individuals. In her 25-year professional carer, Joy has held senior management positions in large and entrepreneurial organizations and served as a consultant with several Fortune 500 companies. In 2007,  Joy and her husband founded PURE Ministries Fellowship, where she serves as the senior pastor. Joy holds an M.Ed from Xavier University in Organization Development. She holds certifications in change management, total quality management, emotional intelligence as well as MBTI and DiSC.
Laura Nieminen is the CEO of Rising Paragon LLC, a
a business consulting and media production firm. As a broadcast Engineer, she has produced hundreds of broadcasts and has served as a producer developing online courses for numerous clients. Her specialty is in helping individuals and ministries develop their online media strategy and educational product offerings, including coaching, product development, media production and website/marketing consulting. Laura holds a Masters degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.
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Barbara Velez serves as the Financial Director of Destiny Arising and also as Hispanic Liason, and has more than 15 years of experience in planning and administration. She has been part of  church and ministry planting projects working to set in place administrative structures, prayer strategies and to train leaders in the work of the ministry. She has been part of establishing prayer shields and intercession teams for Apostolic and Pastoral ministries. Barbara has a passion to see the church united to establish and build the Kingdom of God by sending forth Apostolic teams to do the work of the ministry. She teaches about Church structure and administration, marriage/couples, unity, honor, worship, intercession and the ministry of helps. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Operations Management
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Paulette Horvath is an ordained minister who serves on the executive council of Women in Missions. Her expertise is in developing relationships and the optimal team builder processes necessary for modern organizations of any size to compete in today’s market. Paulette is passionate about seeing Lives Transformed and Rebuilt with Positive and Uplifting lifestyles-
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Dave Cranfill is the founder and president of Kingdom Flame, an Internet TV station broadcasting 24×7 since 2013.  He specializes in producing low-cost programs, live broadcasts, and online courses for use in social media, online schools, and on Kingdom Flame TV and other channels. As a producer, Dave has close to 1000 live broadcast credits, dozens of online events, and over 500 digital products. Dave has served as an engineer and senior management for two fortune 500 companies and been the founder of a technology start-up that brought numerous products to market. As an Inventor involved in developing the smartphone revolution, Dave holds 14 United States patents in smartphone and touch screen technology.  Dave’s passion is to use media and technology to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Damon Stuart has ministered throughout the U.S. and internationally as a worship leader, psalmist and evangelist. He has also appeared and ministered on several Christian television and radio programs. As a worship leader, his desire is to bring people into the deeper realms of God’s glory through worship. As Damon ministers, the healing, prophetic anointing and manifested presence of God takes place. Damon’s heart burns passionately to release the word of God as an evangelist, seeing the Kingdom of God expanded throughout the nations. His desire is to see the book Acts become just as real today for the church than ever before. His passion is to take you into a deeper relationship with the Father through worship and God’s word.  He is one who preaches the word with power and authority, allowing the Holy Spirit to move and transform your life so that you will never be the same again!